My Carbon Roval wheel is destroying tyres!


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your rims have a very squarish edge/look. could it be that the design of the edge/rim is interfering or contacting with a part of the tyre it shouldn't be? of course you'd think they would have thought of that!

So Roval:

compared to Stans:

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I don't think the model of roval wheels that the OP has are the 'hookless type' that you posted an image of.

I have the hookless rims and have never had a problem with a tyre on them. Running maxxis and schwalbe.


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Honestly, this is ridiculous. In the time it took to make your first post you could have sanded the rim and solved the problem. 2nd hand, no warranty, stop stressing or looking for someone else to blame and just fix it!


Rim profile is definitely rounded and not square. The wheels are from a 2012 S-works Stumpjumper...

As per my previous post... Happy to sand them smooth...

Now if I can just stop replying I'd have 15 min to do it. ;)

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Yes, I had noticed the evidence of patching too, though I'm not familiar with how they should look brand new so couldn't be sure.

I'll go with the sanding option and see if I can get them smooth.

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Hey mate it's not a patch well it is but it's from the factory it's where the bladder is pulled out after the carbon has set and molded. Make sense even my enve rims have it.


That makes sense and fits with what I know of the history of the bike.

I went ahead and sanded and it was surprisingly easy to work with. It's smooth now with the bare minimum of material taken away.

I reckon that's it sorted.

Thanks to all who posted.

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