My NS Streetlegal


Looks really really good jordan. Even the brake suites it well :p

We still up for that ride on friday? I havn't been riding for a stupidly long time :confused:


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STP_RULZ said:
:) nice ride, is single speed good? should i convert?:confused:
hehehe.... aaaahh...:eek:

nice NS mate, looks hot... looks like an awesome setup for street/DJ


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mate, looks like one helluva fresh ride. any chance i could buzz you for a weight of this thing? looks damn light.
im realy hoping that ns's stay more exclusive and dont turn into the next stp type thing because i really want one! (the exclusivity fact just makes my penis feel this much bigger I---------I i like them so much i would probably buy one if the whole mountain biking community had em....:rolleyes:


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i dont think iw ill stay with 26s ,, proberly turn to 24s when i have the money.

weighs roughly 15kgs
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