New addition to the stable.....


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Anyone take a guess as to what the Black Dirt Jumper is? (One with Minute Forks...)

Got the frame very recently, so finished building it up today out of spares......
And I know it ISNT a Specialized.........

I didnt like the Lge size Jamis Komodo I had.....(pictures last hanging on wall)
Rest of the bikes are my stock, had only a few minor part updates here and there...


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Is the black frame with the minute forks a Kona Scrap by chance?

Hit the nail on the Head !

Obviously, there was no way a "Kona" was going to gain admission to my its tried to sneak in under the guise of a Specialized......


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Think I've got the same frame collecting dust in the top of my cupboard. Obviously not being used


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I don't mind the Banshee and the black Big Hit. They're all nice though mate. How do you decide which to ride? I find it hard enough picking between my roadie and my 4X/park bike when I've got a day off uni


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As far as favourites...hard to say. All built for different riding. And as I do a lot of different riding, pick one and go.

01 Enduro - more XC,
04 Enduro - Trail
05 Enduro SX - 4X and light DH/Trail if flat
BigHit Spec - Light Dh and free ride.
Morphine - DH Hardtail race
06 BigHit - DH race
STP - urban
the other DJ (Fake Specialized)- for dirt jumps (but I need a different fork).......

I suppose if I had to pick a favourite, Id have to say the Morphine, cause I can change that to suit nearly most styles of riding, and its not really that heavy a build. Probably followed closely by the SX.


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Haha you love your bighits man just like me!! i got a 2003 expert, absolutely love the feel of it, and thats comparing it to things like sundays. Bullet proof bikes!! :D