New Five Ten Ba51c


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Well got my shoes, obviously not exactly like the bike specific 5.10s but oh my god I can certainly feel the difference. I thought my sneakers were pretty good but these put them to shame - almost feels like being clipped in!

Are they overpriced? - hmm maybe,
do they live up to expectations? yes providing they turn out to be durable enough for a few years of good wear, and if so then in the end they're probably worth it. And they seem comfy.


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Where can one purchase 5-10 shoes in Sydney for a good price?

Also, what's a good "overall" shoe for general mucking around, a bit of XC trails etc?
I can hook you up with a brand new set. Are you size 9 or 9 1/2 US... Got 2 for some reason that aren't even close to fitting my size 13 feet :cool:

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2007 called.

They want their mediocre meme back.
I stand corrected, obviously the new 3-1i73 is "in da house". (like your regular 1337, but with oh so many less calories)

If we're concentrating on memes then I probably should have gone with:
"All your Ba51c are belong to us."
(Well I was amused...)
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Five Ten BA51Cs available in Oz

try they have the largest range of Five Ten Shoes in OZ, and they have Basic's (BA51C) in stock, limited qty.

So who has seen it? The new shoe out from the guys at Five ten, the Ba51c.

Same rubber as whats on the Impact, but in a sneaker. I think its a pretty rad shoe, how ever its not being imported into Australia at the moment, so if we went it we have to look over seas.



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