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SF Trailboy

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I will try to explain and it might be my fucwittery at play.

Is there a setting or a way to make me not have to read every new post each time I visit the site?

For example I come on and enjoy reading what did you do for/with your bike. Thread. I hit the new post feature check other thread and if I don't have time to read wdydfwyb when I return if there has been further new posts I have to scroll back to where I was up to.

I post on some other boards (proboards mainly) and unless you actually enter the thread and read the new posts next time you go in it goes all the way back to the users last unread post.

It's a setting I'm guessing or an annoying feature....


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It kind of sounds to me like the rotorburn cookie seems to be having issues. Your cookies must be working for other sites to have that feature. Can you clear your browser cookies for either just this site or all your cookies to start fresh?


Likes Bikes and Dirt
You could always try the first unread button, top right of page. Above and to the left of search.