Night riding - do you still jump?


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Question for all the night riders out there, do you still hit jumps on the trails under lights? Is there stuff you don't ride or B lines you choose instead?

I guess I am gauging if I am just a wuss or not. On a line I hit 4 jumps I a row, at night I chicken out on the 4th, it's a gap jump of about 2-3 metres with a hole about a metre deep, fast - probably 30+kmh! and the landing and transition is invisible at night, yet I over clear it every time in daylight! I know it's there, know the landing is wide and safe, just don't have the guts to jump into the abyss.

Not much I don't ride at night, here's one of our rock gardens... Wakes the heart up...



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Nope. I can't.

Been jump shy lately, but night riding for years. Even when I was jumping lots, couldn't do it at night.


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I ride pretty much all the same stuff, night or day. In saying that..I dont jump in the daytime either!:target:


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Yes I do, you've not lived till you've gone otb at night. I'm talking 1-2 foot high jumps and drop offs on tracks I've done many times. Don't push your luck, if you're not comfortable.

brightness of your lights plays a big part in comfort level in the air, a good helmet light aimed so you can see landings helps.


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For me there is almost nothing that compares, I love the feeling of pedaling into the local creek gap under lights when you can't even spot the lander until you're just engaging the landing gear. But these are jumps that I am very comfortable on and if I haven't already been over them during the day I will walk down and check everything is still intact first. Easiest way I know to turn your local spot into the Redbull Rampage Canyon Gap.

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I still jump during the night. I'm probably not as enthusiastic as I am during the day though. I don't have anything like that rock garden on my night loop at the moment.


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I jump but not by choice. At night the trails just feel different and my senses are preoccupied by new things (mostly glowing kangarro eyes and judging when they will dart out). Then next minute jump appears out of nowhere and I am going way too fast. Some of my PR's are at night!


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Jumps not so much, but I enjoy cranking up the speed on the single track, and really pushing the limits of the lights and my relfexs in dealing with the corner/rock/tree in time.

With the world blacked out save the pool of light in front, it focuses the attention and becomes like a video racing game.


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Great photo, feels like I'm there.

I do most things at night that I would do during the day, at the same speed. I'm not big on jumps, but nothing makes my mind go blurry like jumping into the dark and not seeing the landing. Helmet light aimed ever so slightly downward is essential.

I tend to chicken out a bit sometimes if I'm alone at night though. The thought of a night out in wilderness with a broken leg doesn't entice me. I once broke my shoulder on a solo night ride and had to push a heavy lump of bike up a long technical climb with the good arm. Not fun.


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Back in the darkages (pun intended) before LED day makers



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I am not the greatest jumper in the world, but like to look at stuff very logically. I look at the run in, the lip, and the run out and if I am not comfortable with any of these, I pass. With this in mind, this process allows me to trust completely my decisions. So if I can hit in the daytime, I can hit it just as easily at night.

Have a very sketchy section on a ghetto trail we built that we call the Pit of Death, because at night it is just a horrible big black hole you have to drop into blindly. Having looked at it in the daytime and ticked off the checklist, I can drop in and trust in the process.

Still scares the shit out of me, but still in one piece so far haha :)


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Always learning and staying sharp, nite rides are what keep you sharp.


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Yep, nighttime jumps are ace, really keeps you sharp. Just came back from a night ride at lysterfield. If only we could have a nighttime strava leaderboard.