NRG race @ Castle Hill 30/01/05


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Looks like heaps of fun. The pix look awsome and well done on the photography it is good to.


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nice pics. do you have any of me. i don't know what number, i think sw14. im on a giant dh comp and wearing a fox jersey and fox pants


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Man they are some well timed photo's. nice work.
I doubt it but do you have J26 or J29 I cant remember which one. Black bike blue jersey. thanks man.


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dammit you beat me to it track looks sweet good photos is it a private one or can the location be spilt


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nice pics Rory, looks like a nice track... Was this just a private gathering or could anyone enter ? Does the club have a website for future races ??


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Dont you read the News page ?

I posted several announcments regarding this race/gathering is the club who org's

the Track is good ole castle hill aka blackstone ..

open to anyone .. it's push runs .. not the steepish hill .. it's more of a pedal but good fun non the less.


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Got any of i think SW15, 04 Rampage, wearing fox jersey in first run then just 661 body armour in second.


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nah mate its in ipswich,QLD.

Do you have any pics of J10 (i think), im on a hardtail, wearing blue troy lee gear.

cheers, mitch.


Nice photos

What type of camera do you use? I took a bunch of photos but most of them are crap, either blurry or the rider is half way out of the frame (curse my slow reaction time).Any tips would be appreciated.



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louispijpers, I found a couple I think are you.

yogibear, their is one of someone on a black bike with a blue jersey but the number is flipped up, it might be you.

Mugger, I think I found one of you.

mitch, sorry I couldn't find any of you, I had to go somewhere else so I didn't hang around to long.

o.f.b, I don't really know any tips, the only thing I can really think of is take the pictures as if you are filming a video, that is keep the rider in the frame as they come down the track and push the button when they get to the section you want to photograph them in rather than focus on the section and wait for the rider. Just give different things ago.



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Rory said:
yogibear, their is one of someone on a black bike with a blue jersey but the number is flipped up, it might be you.

nah I'm wearing a camelback and black cotton drill shorts, but thanks anyway