NSW Pink Slip: What do they look for?

Cardy George

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Grandpa's rego has run out, and as it's over 5 years old and on the written-off register it needs a safety check.

It needs a new spare, CV boot, and the muffler tip is a bit wobbly.

Is there anything else I need to worry about?


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In my experience it’s a pretty simple check. Lights, wipers/washer, seatbelts retract, general damage and oil leaks. Sometimes the pop it up on a jack and check wheel bearing play. You don’t need a legal spare as far as I know.

You’ll probably need to replace the cv boot and fix the muffler tip.

Cardy George

Piercing rural members since 1981
It is a roadworthiness check. Anything that leads to the car being unsafe.

The basics are lights, wipers, horn, indicators, tyres, brakes and handbrake.

If you take it there and it's a simple fix, like a globe or handbrake adjustment, the mechanic will likely do that on the spot. Anything that needs a bit more TLC (time, labour, coin) they'll tell you to get it done and bring it back.

Anything else that influences the safety of the car will be checked as well, such as suspension and steering. This includes CV joints, ball joints, any play in the hubs, play in the steering wheel/steering box and associated linkages.

Any obvious leaks are another thing you can get picked up on, same with holes or leaks in the exhaust. An exhaust tip, I doubt they will grab it and shake it but you know, if it falls off and damages my car - I get out and damage the driver. Get it fixed for the sake of community mindedness.

Different states have different rules. I'm in NSW and I'm restoring a car. Full nut and bolt job. *sigh* I'm documenting everything because the car will need to go over the pits for a full inspection and due to some modifications to the suspension components, will need an engineers certificate. My avatar is a pic of the motor and transmission which is best described as having the subtleties of a flying sledgehammer. I built the engine myself.
Sweet, so it's got as much chance at passing as anything else.

What's your motor going in?


As Grumpy says its a roadworthy check. To some extent it will depend on your mechanic how comprehensive they are. The guy I use for my Ford SUV service is quite good and therefore pulls up more than I would like. But it means my kids are safe in that car.

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Rust can come into it as well. A few of my friends with older cars have had trouble. I usually got the mechanic to do a job on the car for me that needed doing to coincide with rego and miraculously my van never failed.