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  1. Mr_hANky

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    Frame: large nukeproof scout 275 in black
    Fork: fox 34 ctd with latest factory damper lowered to 140mm
    Bars: specialized 760mm
    Stem: spank 50mm
    Brakes: sram guide R , 180/160mm
    Seatpost: specialized comman iirc 125mm
    Saddle: charge
    Cranks: shimano SLX 175mm 32t sprocket
    Chain guide: specialized top guide
    Drivetrain: sram GX 11sp with sram 10-42 rear cassette.
    Wheels: WTB i29, dt swiss 350 with 54t driver on the rear. Front is a wtb i23 with dt swiss 350 hub
    Tyres: maxxis minion and aggressor both 2.3"

    Running 30psi in rear wheel and 27psi in front. Fork has zero tokens and is running 110psi with 18% sag or there abouts.



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  2. Nice job
    Should be seeing more of these out and about on the trails.
    Tempted to go the 29 option if the 27.5 falls to the oldest son.
    How are you liking it?
  3. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    It's an interesting bike. Rails as hard as I'm willing to push and is so much easier to pedal to the top of the hill compared to my Enduro 29. Need to swap the seatpost out to something 150mm that doesn't have a drop back as well. Sizing is near on perfect when standing but with the seat slammed forward it's a bit to long on the climbs. My dick is saying blame nukeproof for something geo related. But my brain is telling me it's nothing a new seatpost won't fix.

    I built it for some of the trail networks around me that have been basically paved so it suits them perfectly.
  4. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    My Hank knows how to rail a corner - great little vid!
  5. slowmick

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    love the vid. i wish i could ride my hard tail with that much flair. :thumb:
  6. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Wow, damn fluid corner skills! Nice bike too.
  7. We got the same bikes buddy.
    Your wife not french is she? :high5:
    I've got an X-Fusion Hi-lo dropper which is 125mm I think..does the job.
    Also got a KS Lev under seat lever post in a 125mm that I did have in there. Drop is ok for me, getting close to the minimum insert on the post though.
    Uphill is easier, downhill is often more fun while probably not being as fast.
    I'd be interested to try one in a 29. I like the angles on the frame.
  8. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I had the seatpost dropped further in the frame than normal when i made that video so i could move around on the bike properly. 125mm just isnt enough which makes my wallet cry haha.

    I see you are in margaret river, im good mates with Rex and Nick at fatduck. Pretty sure we are all riding our hardtails at the WAGE enduro coming up down there.
  9. Will keep an eye out for you.
    HT won't be out of its depth down here. Not too much gnarly stuff to catch you out. Pretty sure there's style points for HT's too. :thumb:
    Paper Trail is about as hardcore as it gets.
    I'm assuming the WAGE will be raced in and around Cpt 10 trails.
  10. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Photobucket has dogged the boys. Will update photos asap
  11. Hellyeah

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    The last corners in your vid.................................FUCKING RAD!!!!!!!
  12. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Ok so I have replaces the photos.

    Bit of a long term review. Hae raised the forks back upto 150mm as I felt the bb drop was just to much at 140mm travel. At 140mm It was a real effort to get the front end up when doing bunny hops or manuals. Now at 150mm travel I feels alot smoother like I'm not fighting against the bikes geo. BB drop on the 2017 Scout is -50mm.

    Rear end stiffness is next level, the seat is a 16buk charge special. It is a shit seat which does not fit my ass which compounded by the extra stiff rear end which makes my butthole suicidal after a 30km ride on single trails. New seat is on the cards.

    Next issue is the specialized command Post. Even with the saddle as far forward on the rails as possible it still feels as though I'm super stretched out. Also at 125mm drop it's not enough and to have a proper party I'm having to further lower the seat post using a tool. Might as well not have the dropper post.

    I also find it strange how much longer the bike feel compared to my large 2017 enduro 29r. The large Scout is ment to be 435mm reach where as my enduro is 450mm reach. It honestly feels longer. Nukeproof don't specify a stack so I'm assuming it is alot lower than the enduro which is making it feel longer. Or maybe I should have checked I wasnt given an XL instead of the L I ordered. Aswell as a dropper without an offset I'm going to bang a 40mm stem on and see what happens.

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  13. hifiandmtb

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    That Enduro looks a hell of a lot reach-shorter in that shot.
  14. Ultra Lord

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    Aggressive hardtails give me a stiffy, this things pretty mint
  15. Mica

    Mica Likes Dirt

    Not an ideal combination there...the bikes stiff rear slamming into your stiff front sounds like a recipe for disaster

    That said I kind of have to agree. Picked up one of these off the trading section here not long ago. So cheap and so good. Best bike investment in a long time!!!
  16. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Measured the reach on the actual bike and its 100% 435mm with an 18.5" seat tube
  17. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    the whole point of riding with a hard on is it's standing to attention, out of the way of the seat. Only way your whackin it is if you want to
  18. spikenet

    spikenet Likes Dirt

    How tall are you? I'm thinking about building up one of these for my son. He's 6'2" and still growing so thinking L or possibly XL.

    Did you source it locally or brought it in from OS?

  19. Joe_MTB

    Joe_MTB Likes Dirt

    I’m 6’ and run a large. It’s about perfect size with a 50mm stem. It’s not an excessively long bike and has good stand over clearance so I’d be looking at XL for someone 6’2
  20. spikenet

    spikenet Likes Dirt

    Ok, bugger.. I'm 180cm so xl not great for me but good for him!

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