Oakley EV Zero or Jawbreakers?

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  1. ForkinGreat

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    Tossing up between EV Zero with Sapphire fade polarised lens or Jawbreakers with road and trail Prizm lenses.

    Has anyone used either or both of the EV Zero and Jawbreakers? what lens(es) have you found good for the conditions?

    I have been using polarised lenses on various cycling and tradies sunglasses for years.

    I like the idea of the less restricted field of vision of EV Zero, but the ability to change lenses in the Jawbreakers definitely appeals.

    Do the EV Zeros and Jawbreakers no longer have a hydrophobic coating on the inside of the lenses?

    Riding is mostly Youies - not a heck of a lot of shade on the plantation side, or FA shade on the Stockyards side
    Also Yarra trails, can get fairly shady there, and Lysterfield.

    Road for a fair number of rides, don't have any issues with contrast or whatever. Polarised lens seems fine for that, clear lens when dark (trail or road) obviously.

  2. teK--

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    I have jawbreakers with photochromic lens for road riding and trail riding. Transition is from about 30% to 80% Awesome glasses good wind and dirt blocking but good ventilation to minimise fogging.
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    Have you looked at Ryders glasses?? Have all the tech (photocro, antifog etc), but cheaper and more dfferent styles than Oakley.
  4. creaky

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    I know you’re asking about Oakleys but ...

    They do have nice lenses but without fail every set I’ve had has gone sort of pock marked after a few months of use. No funky chemicals used for cleaning either.

    Rudy Projects are the shit. Tough lenses, better photochromatic function and lenses don’t scratch up as bad as oakleys IME.

    My advice is try some in and with your helmet also.

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  5. ForkinGreat

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    Look good but Farquing expensive. I think my budget is $200-$250 max, and that's only because I'm buying for myself (birthday present)

    Where do you suggest I look for them (I looked at Ryders Aus, and it's all RRP)
  6. ForkinGreat

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  7. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Send the Oakley's back it should be warranty. I had one of their lens start shedding it's coating during the first wash (hand soap and warm water as usual). They replaced it no fuss and since no issues.
  8. shiny

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    I have Jawbreakers, brilliant glasses loads of coverage. At first you do notice the large ‘O’ on the side of the glasses when riding and looking over your shoulder but get used to it very quickly.

    I have a photochromic and Prizm Road lens. Not used the Prizm much but does make everything more vivid and bright. Use the other lens for night riding and found it to great for day use ducking in and out of tree cover.

    I found Wiggle to be the cheapest:

  9. ForkinGreat

    ForkinGreat Random Krishna

    Well, I still might give Oakleys, Ryders and Rudy Projects a go, but for now, I've ordered some Smith Arena Max Chromapop sunnies. Supposed to be 2 lenses in the box ($130 posted on fleaBay), and similar colour enhancement (in principle) to the Oakley Prizm lenses. I think the Platinum Chromapop lens is about 15% light transmission, and the Ignitor high contrast/low lightrose lens about 40ish%. or something..... Trying to interpret the marketing fuckery was doing my head in after a while.
    Thankyou for the input and suggestions.
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  11. Majin

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    Look at the adidas evil eyes, there a full spectrum photochromatic lens( clear to black)
    Ive got half rims and there great

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