"office friendly" commuting shorts


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Now that its finally getting warmer, thinking of investing in some shorts that can be worn for commute and in the office (we don't have dress codes and pretty casual, but generally expected to look neat)

Brands like Rapha, Creux, Chrome Industries all seem to have good offerings - however, they go for $120+ a pop, so a few pairs of them sets you back a chunk.

Anyone know of cheaper smart looking cycling shorts? Or are the more expensive ones worth the investment?


Check out some IXS ones, they can be very smart. I have a pair and happily wear them socially.


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I've got some IXS Vapors and they run pretty baggy (which I don't want for work). I just checked the current ones and they look a bit more clean (less panels and logos) so I'll see how much they go for


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Other option is Fox, i have a pair that look just like plain coloured board shorts with a couple of pockets


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DHaRCO or Ground Effect. Australian and NZ business.

DHaRCO though, both worth the investment. Talk to a DHaRCO stocking shop, should be able to do better than the $125

Very nice..


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Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I'll check them out because you can never have too many shorts.

I've started with a pair of Endura Urban Cargos because they were $80 delivered.

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I've got the Endura Urban shorts - bit too baggy for neat casual still. The Rapha summer ones are great - with a discount code they're more affordable.
Also got a pair of SWRVE regular shorts - perfect for casual - and for sale cause they don't fit me. You wouldn't be a size 30 would you? :)


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I'm a solid 34 unfortunately. Getting the waist / thighs/ length thing right is so hard. See what happens with these Enduras - hoping not too baggy now. Haha, damn.

Any discount codes for Rapha, do please send through :)


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So the Endura shorts arrived. Am wearing them today. They are long (just sit over my knee) but not baggy for me (crotch sits properly etc). Material feels very thin, so not sure of longevity.

Also picked up a pair of Kathmandu Roulers for $90 at the outlet - down from $200. No way would I pay $200 for them, but they are perfect for what I need.

Might grab some Raphas still....


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ive got a couple of pairs, expensive, tho if you register with them they do have regular sales where it makes the purchase less wallet rape
excellent shorts tho, perfectly made for riding and still look smart at work, ive had mine over a year and they still look brand new


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Rapha currently have some shorts 30% off + can use a 15% off voucher if you're a new customer.

Just ordered a pair, and some new socks.


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I purchased some Zoic shorts while in the states in 2011. I got the Ether model in a plaid print. On many occasions wives of riding buddies would comment that that look like regular shorts. I didn't really care, but you mentioned wanting something to wear to work.

They're super light, and have no business being as strong as they've been - zero rips in 6 years.

Unfortunately not avail here, but when they have sales (subscribe for emails) the shorts can get as low as US$30. I snapped up 3 more pairs and got them sent to a mate who sent on to me. Or you could use a freight forwarding company.

Easily best shorts I've owned.


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Bit late to the party but Anaconda do some surprisingly good ones. $50 or $35 if you're a member for their Fluid house brand ones. I've been using them for 18 months now and the workplace complaints have dropped dramatically.

MTB shorts but not super baggy.


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Few more shorts I've picked up in the last 6 months:

Chrome Folsom 2.0 - these are so well made. Fit great, really tough and look like they'll last a while. Only come in black though...
Rapha Summer Cotton shorts - different cut than the first Rapha shorts I got. Much better fit. Nice and light, not sure about durability yet.

Creux LowPro Denims - wearing for the first time today. Had to return and go up a size, but seem to be pretty comfy now, probably was between sizes as they are little baggy above the knee, but this works well when on the bike. I went for the tougher denim model.


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Ground Effects makes a good one. Onto my forth pair.
which ones John? I'm on my 2nd pair of Ground Effect Supertankers, a bit more than the OP's budget but bombproof and should last for years (and has belt loops). (first pair still good after 4-5 years and worn a lot off the bike)


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I reckon you should keep some shorts at work to change into. Sweaty bike shorts at work suck, even if you are a light sweater and can get away with it. Most embarrassing moment of my own working career was being taken into a meeting room by my boss while I was working at my first internship. "Binaural, I have bad news... you stink." Had to sit through a pep talk on showering whenever I got to work, and not just wearing bike clothes around the office. I nearly died of shame.


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I'm pretty sure I would have been told by now if I was stinky :oops:- but fair point, it probably would be better sometimes to change.

In the mornings I'm normally not that sweaty (pretty mild in CBR), just where backpack was - so always bring a change of top. In the evenings they can just go into the wash pile - hence having a number of pairs to rotate through.