Old Down Hill Bikes


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Pre 2002 DH bikes

Item: Dual suspension downhill bikes
Brands: Giant, Norco, GT, Kona, Intense, SC, IH etc.
Options: Prefer complete bikes but will consider frame only
Location: Australia wide
Condition: Any condition as long as they are in working order
Wanted for: Restoration and riding for a group of old timers.
Price willing to pay: negotiable to what is offered.
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Thanks for your help Chris.
If you guys have anything that would suit some old fools, please PM me or give me a ring on 0432913800


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Hey mate, my mate has a 1998 Intense M1 frame that he's going to sell, he also has nearly a whole build of old parts he can include if you want like RST Hi 5's mavic wheelset blackspire guide, fair bit of FSA parts and some truvativ. PM me if your interrested.


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Bump guys, my old school bmx mates and i are chasing a few older mountain bikes to play on and old parts, shocks, forks, upside downers, craftworks, intense, gt, specialized, giant, norco, santcruz etc, especially old santa cruz super 8 for me.
Please help some old fools if you can guys.


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Hi Ya,
Vince at Edge Cycles in Cairns has a few at the moment, including mine - 1996 GT LTS3.
We have the Gravitate festival on up here in a couple of weeks and there may be a whole host in town. Contact Vince on 07 4052 1164 for more info.

Greyhound buses are doing $90 depot to depot transport at the moment too.




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Gravitate 2010

So much mayhem ensures, in the town that started Downhill culture in this country!
It begins on the 24th Sept 2010, and those that attend, will bare witness to a gathering of Mtb`s finest and wise-est crew.
Cairns, is where itall began folks, and the "Gravitate" festival will become a yearly event!!!:D


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I've got a working LTS frame with spares if you are interested and a working STS frame built up with semi modern parts too.

I also have a Cdale V4000 DH, Totally smick and original - but youd have to pay off my mortgage or prise it from my cold dead hands to get it from me. ( Piccies of my baby attached)

Wish I knew about the Cairns thing sooner. I have a full retro race kit just dying to be dusted off.


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