Old guy getting back into it.

Hi everyone,
Thought I’d do the generic intro thread.
Getting back into my pushies at the tender age of 40 on the Gold Coast.
Haven’t ridden in about 10 years but a mate of mine built a little track with a few jumps in his backyard so I thought I’d pull the old Giant STP out of retirement.
Man, I’m having a lot of fun. Reminds me of being a teenager again, hah. Only come a gusta once so far, I don’t bounce as well as I used too, but definitely worth it.
Mate lives on the side of a mountain and has a trail leading from his backyard into state forest so we’ve been hitting that too. Bloody steep and loose and a bit rough with the hardtail, but definitely gets the adrenaline going.
So yeah, just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for having me.



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Welcome back Cobber. Bang a cheap dropper post on that to help with the climbs....then be like us and buy more bikes. Just coz.
Thanks Moorey.
Yeah, dropper post is on the cards. Been pulling up and raising/lowering it when I need to but a dropper post would definitely be convenient. Going to upgrade the shocks to 130mm I think, these are a bit stiff for the trail I was talking about.
And don’t worry, been keeping my eye out for a new duel suspension bike, the hardtail is a bit rough on the old bones, hah.


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As in, 97% of us.
We’re too grumpy, intolerant and impatient to spend much time on FB, and the kids out there can’t handle some pedants on here demanding decent spelling and grammar.
Woo the 3%ers!


Random Krishna
Welcome back. keep the STP for dirt jumps and get a dual suspension when the new(ish) bike urge takes hold :)

Avoid press-fit bottom brackets, because they are crap.
Alloy frames will likely be a bit tougher than carbon ones (YMMV) and be a bit kinder on your wallet.
beware of "new and improved" standards for axle width, suspension and every other bloody thing the industry uses to screw money out of us.

Enjoy the STP, and be aware that straight steerer forks are getting hard to buy new or 2nd hand. (Moorey and Safreek own them all anyway)

Do get a dropper post, esp for your new dual suspension (not rockshox reverb lol)

Wear pads. just frikken wear pads. you will thank me later. There are too many graphic pics on this forum that explain why good quality, well fitting pads should be worn. Always wear a good, properly fitting helmet. - for the same reason.

Have fun. you are doing that already :)
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Random Krishna
Fair summary. You forgot ‘buy second hand’ and ‘26 ain’t dead’.
true, perhaps 'buy second hand as long as it's not thrashed, the seller didn't wet the bike to hide any cracks, the seller's pics are crap, or it's fkn gumtree or some dodgy random on facebook marketplace.'

yes, 26er is alive and kicking. you can still buy 26er rims and tyres. 26er forks not so much but 27.5/650b forks will be fine, by and large.
online shopping for 26er stuff can be less painful & less expensive than trying to get from an LBS - local bike shop. LBS will laugh if you want 26er gear and try to sell you 27.5 or 29er bikes.

**Make sure that any fork you get fits your frame and has enough steerer to properly clamp the stem on.* crucial when buying a second hand suspension fork.

virtually all new forks have tapered steerer tubes (the bit the stem clamps onto.) 1.5" to 1 1/8". your STP will not take a tapered steerer fork.
NB: some companies like Specialized and Giant have their own stoopid taper 'standard' to try to force you to buy their stuff.


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As in, 97% of us.
We’re too grumpy, intolerant and impatient to spend much time on FB, and the kids out there can’t handle some pedants on here demanding decent spelling and grammar.
and a small percentage of us even ride bikes still....Go figure!
not me though .....