Overseas Working Holiday


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Anyone thinking about going on one, to like canada or something? Or does anyone know anyone that has been on one?


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Ty and I are going to Europe next year for prolly 12 - 24 months. Working in France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and such. We want to have time off to watch Tour de France and ride ourselves and just make enough money to live, and go sight-seeing.
We are also thinking of going to Canada for the Summer season so to maybe work the lifts and such at a Park and go riding for free. I've heard you've got to be good to ride those runs though, so I've got about 1000 hours to clock up of riding before I can go :wink:

Are you thinking of going on a working holiday Josh?


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how are you guys planning to do all this? What kind of work will you be doing? I'm really interested in doing a similar type of trip in the next couple of years. I'd love to hear your ideas!


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Soooo many of my mates have done em. Alot of em are still away after 4-5 years. Great way to see the world if you don't mind roughing it a bit from time to time.


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Ty and I are going to a Bar course at the moment, run through TAFE, just so we can get a job really easily. I also work in an office now, so getting office temp work should be sweet. Ty is doing a sound engineering course, so he can do any sound roadie stuff as well.
We are planning to take only as much as we need, set up house in a country for 6 mths, sell everything and move on, or something of the like.
We are also thinking of getting our gaming (pokies) licence to make us more employable and we might do a coffee/cafe training course if we get round to it.
French is the language of the moment, and we are slowly trying to learn it. so far we have got through lesson 1! hehe
Where are you thinking of going Dan? Europe or USA/Canada?


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Alrite....one mate leaving next week to do the US summer camp instructor, then go touring for a bit afterwards. Apparently really good deal, and the best bit is the camp loves Aussies, they take more instructors from here than anywhere else.
Two other mates leave the same day to go to NZ for a few months, they've got snowfield jobs lined up, so they'll be working and boarding on their days off (free season pass) for the season, then go do the tourist thing for a bit longer.

As for working in bars: England is the best place, tons of pubs, you don't need any formal training (RSA course like you do here) and the beer is already as bad as it can get so you can't really stuff it up.


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i am going up to America for Work Experience USA
should be really good, going at the end of this year for DEC/JAN/FEB. the only downside is i don't get to enjoy the australian summer. i know someone who has been before, adn he saidit was really good, so i am looking forward to it. the only problem now is saving $$$ to get over tehre, then finding a job once i'm there.


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ive got a friend spending the year in south america. half paid work half volunteer in return for accomodation... he didn't start learning any spanish till he got there, but picked it up pretty quick...


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I'm planning on going to Canada next year with some friends, working somewhere near the mountains and just having some fun. Whatever happens, i'm just after some good times baby!


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Currently doing it. Loving the travel, everything in Europe is pretty cheap once you are earning the currency, sucks while you are spending Aussie dollars.

Pub work is not to bad, it is pretty easy to find live in gigs where accomodation and meals are supplied. The norm is to get £120 per week which is basically all yours as other expenses are covered. There are also heap of pubs that cater to the suits and don't open on weekends so you can still go riding / travelling.


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i'm finishing of my Teaching degree this year and then i'm going to get some teaching experience before moving pver to Canada for a while. Thats where the best riding is so thats where i'm going.


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i'm currently working in sth korea, teaching english. staying here for a year or so, saving heaps, then moving on...not sure where to just yet.


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I spent the last Northern Winter in Mammoth, California. It was one of the best things I've ever done and I would recommend it to anyone. I sold my DH bike to pay for it thinking I would be able to afford a new one when I got home. I managed to spend too much money and am now without a DH bike but I don't regret it at all.


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i was in canada on one all last year, any1 goin i thoroughly recommend as well as whistler for the biking, kicking horse resort in golden. right next to where the psychosis race is this wkend. awesome trails! 20min gondola ride all the way up to the top and dh all the way. my 1st mtn biking season, seriously spoiled for choice and heaps of choice of runs, from cruisy to way outta my league


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I'm gonna do a bar course and serving of drinky poo's etc. Then go to whistler for a year, ski in winter, ride in summer. Try to find work on lifts or bars.
This is after Yr12