Patterson Classic MTB Track


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Hey all,

I understand HMBA holds the Patterson Classic MTB race on private land in Patterson. Obviously the track is not open to the public outside of those times. I presume its on a farm or something, has anybody had any luck turning up on the guys doorstep with a case of beer/ wine and politely asking permission to ride his track for a day? I only ask because I'm attending a wedding literally 7km from the track - my girl friend is in the bridal party and I am not... ergo I will have the whole day before the wedding to kill whilst they are doing photos etc...

Just a thought.

Obviously nobody should ride on private property without the land owners permission. But I know people have had luck with sections of the Convict 100/DW100 track and the private landowner there so thought I'd ask.


P.S. PM to answer if more appropriate,


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Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately the land is private property and we do not have permission to ride there outside of HMBA sanctioned events, the issue is around insurance and the land owner is very conscientious about this. The land owner does not have a residence on the property and the residences close by are not associated with the land owner so please do not attempt to approach them, if they did give you "permission" and the land owner caught you out there this could further jeopardise what is already a tenuous relationship.

If you're looking for local alternatives that are close by there is lots of double track in Wallaroo state forest (15min from Paterson) and a neat little single track network in Medowie (25min from Paterson). Also Glenrock is 35min away and you're only 50min away from Awaba.

There's also a nice trail network in Uffington State Forest (also known as Columbey NP) at Clarence Town. That's only15-20min away from Patterson.