Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers


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So basically heres where it's at
My friend bought a set of airbags for his car of eBay and delivery has taken much longer than expected and he is beginning to wonder if he was scammed.
He has a copy of the receipt and its been almost blocked out but it remains a little but see through.
If anybody can pull the date from this it would be much appreciated :)

The date is in the blocked out bit on the lower half in the left half
It has been already recognised as **/10/09 so only one number to get
Much appreciated


Gah.......thought he was saying 2/8/12, not 3 guesses for the first digit.
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after more looking at it, i'm fairly convinced it's a 12, hence it was only posted three days ago, resulting in the slow postage..

did that by copy pasting digits from other parts of the receipt and comparing font to the blurry mess :p

so little detail to work with though, it could almost be anything..
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