Sold POLE Machine Frame (Large)


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Item: Pole Machine Frame (Large)
Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld
Item Condition: Awesome
Reason for selling: Just gotta
Price and price conditions: Frame $3500 or Frame and Fork $4300
Extra Info:

Large frame (510 mm reach)
160 mm rear travel
Running with a 180 mm Lyrik up front

Health reasons making it hard to find the time to ride anymore, so can't justify such an amazing machine just sitting in the shed.
These are as amazing to ride as they are rare to find in Oz. Pedals like a trail bike but with the advantage of lots of travel, a centred riding position and a steep seat tube. I'm just over 6 ft and it fits perfectly.



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How tall are you exactly? Also what rise bar are you running?

I'm comparing geo to my Pole Evolink 150 XL and its very close, the differences in reach and stack might even out with a 60mm stem / 30mm bar. I'm currently running a 50mm stem and 50mm rise bar on the Evolink.

The next question is whether I need an even bigger/lighter monster truck?

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183 cm. Not sure on bar rise...probs 20-25 mm. I previously owned an evolink 140... the machine out climbs it, out descends it and out blings it... no comparison.


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Yeah I know - but the spiel seems to be that you still pick the size based on your height.

Maybe @FatMuz has some thoughts on fit?

Don't really want to derail the sale thread any further tho.