Praxis to Shimano conversion


What I have on my bike is Praxis Alba sub compact crank set in Praxis M30 bottom bracket. And I would like to change it for Shimano 105. From what I understand Shimano will not fit into my bottom bracket, hence I am asking for an advice on how to make this conversion as cheap and painless as possible?

The reason for conversion is to install a cheap power meter.

I am not a racer so spending heaps of money on a bike is not an option, though it would be nice to have a power metrics for my training to see the progress.

Thank you in advance, fellow riders.

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Does your frame have any format identifier labels around the bottom bracket area, such as BB86, BB386, BB30 etc? These codes will make it easier to work out what adaptors will be required.

If there's nothing like that, what's the width of the BB shell, EXCLUDING any BB housing flanges, and the bore of the frame (you'll have to remove the crank and at least one of the bearing housing assemblies to work this out).

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Praxis M30 BB's come in a number of different fitment options including both press-fit and threaded.
As mentioned by Ducky without knowing either the brand and model or physical measurements of the BB it is not possible to provide any real advice.
My bike is Specialized Diverge Comp 2018. But there is no info on their site regarding the type of BB mount.
Anyways, got it guys. Once I'm back from my shift I will dig into BB disassembly.
BTW, maybe you could suggest some cheapish alternatives to changing praxis into shimano (for XCADey power meter fitting)? Is there similar stuff for Praxis cranks available?

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Specialized's website lists the frame as BB386.
So you will need something like a rotor pressfit-4624 BB386 bottom bracket to run shimano cranks in that frame.
Thank you very much for your help mate! If it is not hard - could you please share the link to the page where you've found this info?