Predictions thread.


Lay them down here for easy disproving later on. No particular topic.

1. Troy to Spesh in 2020. He’s never quite got the Canyon to ride like he wants...and he’s getting super chummy with Loic.
9/9. BUSTED! Signed on for another 3 years.
3. Jack to leave Intense for 2020, to a smaller team where he’s the lead rider.

3. Liz Warren for 2020 POTUS. (I actually called this on here a couple of years ago. Must find quote).

4. Ro Khanna (D) for POTUS in about 3 terms. I’d say AOC, but there will be an assassination attempt on her, pushing her out of politics.
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Random Krishna
SumKhunt will pip Mik by FA of a second (third time unlucky) to win the World Champs DH. Mik will finally lose his cool and headbutt the Farker into the next century.


2. Trump will be impeached before the end of 2019... ....
3 words.

1. Nancy.

2. Pelosi. (She thinks it’s good for the Dems having Trump I’m office FFS)

3. Senate.

But they should fucking try it anyway.

I want to predict (again) that Trump will walk away with a deal before 2020...but wheels of justice just turn too slow.


Wheel size expert
If not a mod is getting a 29er... preferably a 71 HA carbon hardtail.
bwhahaha I predict some post crash cracking butt photos, pre crack sack and back session of course, apparently the hair acts as armor.


Gearbox Frother
You'll be happy on your new/old Orange.

Based on his last tweet, the men in white coats are on their way #25thammendment
I've not expressed an opinion on it, just a prediction.
I secretly think you want a Pence presidency more each day.