Rabbits Yeti SB150


Sometimes you gotta get back to your roots to get some perspective! Who wouldn’t want to throw a leg over that bright orange mistress?

Water bottle looks better than half full to me...


I don’t. I’ve ridden enough bikes that I liked and can’t buy for now.

Time to enjoy what I have.
Exactly my point, albeit more cryptic in delivery.

If you can afford to trade up every six months you’re a wealthy mtb addict, or you’re oddjob!

B Rabbit

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So, not a heap of updates, the 150 is going strong, had a great time at Cannonball festival on it. Really digging this frame, glad I didn’t sell it :)

Just changed the forks out to Lyrik Ultimates, so currently running air. Going down to thredbo for New Years, I’ll see how they do before I hop on the Push ACS train.
Also have the new Canecreek progressive coil on the rear. Will report my findings when this damn smoke clears and I can get out for a ride :)