Rabbits Yeti SB150


Sometimes you gotta get back to your roots to get some perspective! Who wouldn’t want to throw a leg over that bright orange mistress?

Water bottle looks better than half full to me...


I don’t. I’ve ridden enough bikes that I liked and can’t buy for now.

Time to enjoy what I have.
Exactly my point, albeit more cryptic in delivery.

If you can afford to trade up every six months you’re a wealthy mtb addict, or you’re oddjob!

B Rabbit

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So, not a heap of updates, the 150 is going strong, had a great time at Cannonball festival on it. Really digging this frame, glad I didn’t sell it :)

Just changed the forks out to Lyrik Ultimates, so currently running air. Going down to thredbo for New Years, I’ll see how they do before I hop on the Push ACS train.
Also have the new Canecreek progressive coil on the rear. Will report my findings when this damn smoke clears and I can get out for a ride :)



B Rabbit

Likes Bikes and Dirt
Heya team!
Hope everyone is doing ok considering the current climate.
Not much to report on the Yeti front, other then I love it and it’s going strong. Just replaced all the bearings, they were totally f$$cked.
Also just painted my previously white Canecreek progressive coil, looks pretty good i reckon.
The progressive coil on this bike is the best mod I’ve done, it works so well, great small bump and good bottom out resistance. Might start messing around with extending the stroke slightly to eek out some more travel. Clearance will be tight tho.
Did a trip to Maydena a few weeks ago, that place is off the chain. If I could only ride 1 place for the rest of my life it would probably be there!
This is almost the longest I have kept a bike/frame, and there really isn’t anything else that takes my fancy, although I have been offered a 2020 Spesh Enduro, so I’ll take that for a ride and see how it goes.




B Rabbit

Likes Bikes and Dirt
Its a bit bodgy up close, I went to a automotive paint shop with the Turq paint/powdercoat code (RAL5018) and they custom made me up a spray can of the colour. Gave the spring a dodgy sand back and sprayed it. I think I'll take it off and give it a wet sand so smooth it up a little and then hit with some gloss :)