AM Ragley MmmBop - The Hanson Brother From Another Mother

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by Ezkaton, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid


    Completed build.
    More images on Page 3.


    Well... now that's out of the way...
    Snagged the 2017 MmmBop frame in XL from CRC for 300 bucks to tide me over while I'm between FS bikes.
    Sold the large 2014 Spitfire frame I was using, and will be transferring all her parts over to the MmmBop until I'm in a position to obtain a new XL FS frame.


    Should be starting the build process tonight, and hopefully finishing it up tomorrow or Wednesday.
    At the very latest, in time for a test ride on Saturday. :party:

    Spec will be as follows:
    Headset - Hope ZS44/56 - Black
    Bottom Bracket - Hope Stainless Steel - Purple
    Seat clamp - Hope bolt clamp - Purple

    Fork - Manitou Mattoc Pro 650B, 160mm - Black

    Handlebars - Deity CZ38 Signature, 760mm width, 38mm rise - Black/white
    Stem - Hope AM/FR, 50mm - Purple
    Grips - ODI Rogue w/Hope Grip Doctor bar ends - Purple
    Saddle - SDG Ti-Fly - Black
    Seatpost - KS LEV, 150mm w/Southpaw lever
    Front brake - Shimano XT M785 - Black
    Rear brake - Shimano XT M785 - Black
    Shifter - Shimano XT M8000
    Top cap - Hope - Black
    Steerer spacers - Hope Space Doctor - Black

    Cranks - Shimano XT M785 w/Hope 34t Retainer - Black
    Chainguide - 77Designs Freesolo top guide
    Chain - KMC X11 - Black/silver
    Pedals - Hope F20 - Purple
    Derailleur - Shimano XT, M8000 Shadow+ 11sp, mid-cage
    Cassette - Shimano XT M8000 11 sp, 11-42

    Wheelset - Hope Tech Enduro 650B - Purple Pro2 Evo straight pull hubs
    Rotors - Shimano RT86, 203mm front, 180mm rear
    Tyres - Schwalbe Magic Mary Super Gravity 650B front, Schwalbe Hans Dampf Super Gravity 650B rear
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  2. ForkinGreat

    ForkinGreat Random Krishna


    Nice parts list, looking forward to progress pics :thumb::thumb:
  3. safreek

    safreek Vealcake

    Dig the colour bruz, stand out
  4. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Thats gonna be awesome fun. And 300 is a bargain, should be an a pretty good ride untill the pole happens.

    Time to match theme and grab some joker socks to wear.
  5. That is eye wateringly green. Bargain price.
    Should stand out. And looks a solid build too.
    Pretty keen to hear the feedback on the Mattoc forks.
    seem to be reasonably priced in comparison to other brands
  6. slowmick

    slowmick Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Schweet looking frame. looking forward to seeing it built up. i hope there are some custom graphics.

    name actually made me thing of homer says it much slower with a bit of drool, "mmmmmmm, Bop".
  7. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Mattocs are sweet. I like them 95% as much as pikes...boomking likes then 10% more.
    Where does the motor go, Daz? Oh wait, it's not a spitfire. Sorry.
  8. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    I've been on the Mattoc for nearly 2 years now, and they've been awesome.

    Just had their first proper (non-fuckwit-thread-worthy) service when I changed the crown/steerer unit to accommodate the longer head tube on the MmmBop... But even before then they were still going strong and I was only just starting to notice a tiny, tiny bit of stiction when entering the travel. That's a pretty good service interval if you ask me. :party:

    As for the frame... yeah... BRIGHT! (Hello Tom!)
    It looks a bit muted in photos, depending on the quality of the screen you're viewing from... indoors it looks a bit flat too, but as soon as you step outside into natural light, it's like BAYUM! Blinding, near-fluorescent green! I do really like how the frame looks though, aesthetically. Angles and all that. It's one of the few XL hardtails I've discovered that don't look spastic and awkward, with near-horizontal top tubes... all looking like '90s rigid MTBs and shit. The 2016 model was slightly more appealing, visually... but they altered the seat angle for 2017, which is a welcomed change.

    I attached the seat clamp and bottom bracket to see how the purple goes against the green and it's... interesting!
    I'd almost prefer a purple frame with green Hope bits, but what can ya do... :smow:

    Should be able to put on most of the core components once I'm home tonight, then all the fiddly shit (new brake lines, bleeding, cables, derailleur tuning, etc.) tomorrow evening.
  9. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    Someone say Bright?
  10. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    Build is 80% complete.

    Just gotta do the gear and dropper cables, thread the chain and get the right stem height before I chop the steerer.

    Just sat her on the ground and dayum she's long!

    And SLACK! JESUS (wept), 64 degrees static looks nuts on a hardtail... Actually it's probably a touch slacker as my fork is at 160, not 150.

    I'll save photos for completion, as phone cameras in low light are dildos.
    Progressing well though. :party:
  11. New school HT's are getting long and low.
    I'm a fan. My Nukeproof is similar in geo.
    It's as long as my Enduro 29r.
    Looking forward to the reveal.
  12. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    I'll bring the DSLR Saturday :party:
  13. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Is that what you call your Spitty abomination now?
  14. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    You're so off topic m8. You're just itching like a dirty dogs aresehole to start the hate train. Aren't you!
  15. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Damn straight!
  16. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    Funny part is I'm the one that's going to enjoy the shit slinging the most :pop2:
  17. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    Been toying with things today, and turns out I can't run two cables under the top tube without lashing out $16 on a double cable guide set.

    The frame only came with singles... the hell is this shit, Ragley?!

    I can't really figure out a way to route my external LEV otherwise. I might have to cable tie or black duct tape it to the top tube for now.
    Fucken rude!

    Other than this issue I'm all done... just need to give it a wash (old bits are still dirty from Thredbo) and stick some more air in the tyres. :party:
  18. loc81

    loc81 Likes Dirt

    Cable tie it to your shifter cable?
  19. safreek

    safreek Vealcake

    And with Hanson in Aust what a perfect time to get the bike together, ride it to the mmmmbop concert. How bloody good does life get
  20. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    I snaked it along the shifter cable through the cable mounts.
    It'll do until I can be assed doing another CRC order. :mod:

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