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Likes Dirt
Alright this is my agent smith
it basically hits jumps and thats it.
i can have fun on the streets
but im shit
and at the park
but same deal
i go alright on the jumps tho...
anyway its about the bike

some pics have my old wheel. its not much different​

Frame: Agent Smith

Fork: 06 Dirtjam pro from an stp1 yewl!! (i know i need new forks(too povo))

cranks: black ones lol... i think they are profile racing ones

hub: formula
rim: atomlab trailpimp
---rear---(got a new rear wheel.the chrome one depicted in two pictures)
hub: red ns coaster(old) black ns coaster(new)
rim: atomlab DHR(old) MTX chrome(new)

Bars: NS bigmama + s&m bar ends + duo hoffman grips

Stem: STP1 06 lolz

headset: pig dh pro

pedals: odyssey twisted pc clear/green glow in the dark

Brake: Hayes 9

Seat: aitken



Likes Bikes and Dirt
i like your bike mate! all i can say for you to do is lower your forks:p and get a new stem.
i have the same forks and lowered them, looks great and feels great:)