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Hi Newbie,

By some reason or another, you have found your way here. By word of mouth, stroke of luck or plain old random clicking. Either way, you're here and to help make the stay a little more enjoyable and a little less painful I have a few little tips to help you fit right in.

  1. Forum tip #1: Search
    Forum software is so good these days that almost anyone can use them. So easy in fact that a complete idiot can still manage to find the 'New Posts' link at the top of the page and create a new post. However, as Farkin has been around since early 2003, we have quite a few threads (over 100,000) that in all likeliness answer your questions already. So to save yourself some time, and a little whining from other members; search first, then ask questions.
  2. Forum tip #2: Rules
    For a full listing of the rules go -> HERE <- clicky. Everyone is required to read these, especially before making a new thread or replying to a post.
  3. Forum tip #3: Buying/Selling - Trading Access
    Quite alot of you are here because you heard that Farkin is a great place to buy and sell bike bits. It is! The problem is, it's so hard to figure out how to find where/how to start. Well today is your lucky day, because uncle S. is here to help you out. Click HERE.
  4. Forum tip #4: Be nice
    Like most other Internet communities we try to maintain a high level of conduct. We accomodate all ages here (little kids all the way to mums/dads and further). Please just keep in mind that this is not a place you can exercise your Internet ego/muscles. If you do you are likely to find yourself doing the lonely walk down ban lane with a banning stick up your behind.
  5. Forum tip #5: Please read stickies and announcements
    Especially before posting, please read both the stickies and announcements at the top of the forum. They are there for a reason, taking 10 seconds to skim over them will save you some pain.
  6. General Tip 1: How to contribute
    This place is great, I really want to help out. Great! As Farkin is a community driven operation we can always use all the help we can get. If you have news from a race, or something else that might interest the people of Farkin send it to Help can also be in the form of posting photos from a race (everyone loves photos of themselves) or simply helping out another new guy. If you really want contribute you can help fill our wiki with more information.
  7. Is That it?
    Without making this a 15,000 word essay yes. Be sure to post in this forum introducing yourself with perhaps a little paragraph of what you're interested in and any questions you have about doing things or finding things on this website. One of our older members will surely help you out.
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