Reverb dropper servicing - Anyone in Melbourne available?


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I’ve got an old A2 Reverb dropper that won’t actuate. It looks like it’s in pretty good shape & I've bled the remote but it won’t drop.

Is anyone in Melbourne equipped to service these things (aside from SRAM DSD)? If so, can you please pm me? I’d like to get this thing running. Cheers.



Likes Bikes and Dirt
Make sure the speed adjuster is screwed all the way to the slowest setting or it will not work.

Have another go and give the whole post a bleed, giving the remote a good "suck' pull syringe plunger on the remote at every opportunity during the bleed.

I have had 7 of them in my house, sold one as a post only and just sold 2 bikes with them fitted, so down to 4, all 3 of my current bikes have Reverb Stealths.