Rider dies on Stromlo DH track


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Damn, sorry to hear, sad for the family.

On a more selfish note, I hope this won't effect the existence of the trails.


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Never good to hear. Thoughts go out to his family.

Bit of a downer for the Wembo 24HR Solo World Championships which kicks off tomorrow.


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I was there today participating. Fellow rider. Sad.
He was racing the Super-D, and crashed over the last jump at the finishline.
All praise to the rest of the crew who fought for his life until the ambos arrived.
Condolances to his wife and children.
Buddy, you will be sadly missed.

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That's so sad.
That last jump over tunnel(if that's it), is a very deceptive tricky jump. Wish I'd bothered to sneak in at night and reshape it myself.
Sad sad day for all concerned. Thoughts go to family.
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Totally agree with you Skwiz.
Those who helped to work on him did there absolute best and should be commended for there efforts.
A sad end to good day of racing.


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Sad news indeed and a loss to his family and friends, he was an old workmate of mine and others and I knew both him and his wife through work. He enjoyed riding which he really got stuck into in the last few years, always a cheery face at the Mont and Scott, always there to say gday, never came first or last but gave anything a go. Good work to those who tried to save him and medical staff involved. My sympathies to his family, he will be sorely missed.



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very sad, makes you stop and think. Anyone know if Stromlo are taking stock of the track/jump?


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very sad. this will be the second serious crash I have come across in the last month. MTB is a risky sport folks. better keep this one from the gf...


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Always someone or some people worse off, think of the amount of times we all have crashed and been able to get back up.

RIP sir,

Condolences to his family and friends.