Riding the Mountain: 47km of new trails proposed for Hobart


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After an extensive engagement with key stakeholders and the community, the City of Hobart is now proud to present Riding the Mountain: Proposed Mountain Bike Network.

The City of Hobart has developed a plan for 47 km of new mountain bike tracks on kunanyi / Mount Wellington that identifies the potential for an expanded network of greater riding experiences for local and visiting riders.

The plan is based on work by leading mountain bike trail consultants Dirt Art and follows consultation with key stakeholders, including mountain bike riding, walking and trail runner groups.

The plan consists of:
  • 3 beginner tracks
  • 10 intermediate tracks
  • 2 advanced tracks
  • 3 shared use tracks
Hobart's kunanyi/Mount Wellington is home to almost 80 km of walking tracks, but just 3km of purpose-built, mountain bike only tracks. A survey of kunanyi/Mount Wellington track users revealed that 83 per cent support new mountain bike tracks on the mountain.

The City has committed almost $400,000 to rolling out stage one of the plan.


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Awesome, I seen that announcement go out. Hobart desperately needs some organised formal trails on the mountain. The current stuff is good but very disjointed and difficult to find unless your with a local in the know.