Rockshox Reverb sag - what are the options?

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by hifiandmtb, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. hifiandmtb

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    Old mate with a '14 Remedy with a rooted BB also has the dreaded 20mm of sag on his Rockshox Reverb.

    He's been quoted $210 for a full rebuild (likely with B1 internals I guess?) but are there any other this the lowest cost scenario?

    We are even considering ditching the Reverb for another brand at this stage...
  2. shmity

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  3. ctguru

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    Ive got 3 KS and 1 reverb, once I rebuild the reverb I'm going to sell it. The KS are way more user friendly to service, I hate servicing the reverb. If the KS shits itself, I think it's only $160 for a complete piston and it's a piece of piss to replace

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  4. Jpez

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    Mine is doing the same with about 30-40mm sag and when in the lowest position I can pull the seat up by about 3".

    I rang Summit cycles in Melbourne and they said a $150 service will fix the problem although I'm doubtful, and quite often they will just replace it with a new one which I'm hoping they do. It gets sent off to Sola sport apparently.
    I think there is a Summit in Sydney?
  5. c3024446

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    If anyone wants to post me their stealth i'll rebuild it with the new 2016 IFP and seal kit and express post back for $110. Don't need the hose and remote. PM me if keen. Admin can delete if this has crossed a line.

    Sags for two reasons - seal head unscrewed - this was mainly a A1 post issue. For A2 and B1 stealth post issues, they use a u cup seal to lower friction, unfortunately this doesn't make them more reliable. If dropped, and then you pick up the bike, the seal can fail. So i take them out and replace them with an oring like suggested here:
  6. hifiandmtb

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    Super keen. Will take to a PM.

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  7. JTmofo

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    "Rockshox Reverb sag what are the options"

    Fuck it in the bin and buy anything else.
  8. TheAzza

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    Mine did the same, twice, and both times changing the seal head oring fixed it. First time I just used the closest one I could find at Masters (RIP) and last time I used the actual 19x2mm oring I required. It is a bit fiddly, but if you are careful you won’t even need any fluid or special tools, aside from lock ring pliers and a vice.
    I now have a LEV.

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  9. Oddjob

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    Sorry to hijack. Any opinions on the Thomson Elite dropper?

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  10. hifiandmtb

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    Supposed to be reliable, but the BikeYoke seems like the bestest bet around IMO.

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  11. JTmofo

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    This ^^^^^^^^
    Next post for me.... if my KS ever dies

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  12. JTmofo

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    Duplicate ......
  13. Cheka

    Cheka Squid

    Just replaced my buggered Spesh 125mm Command Post with a Bikeyoke Revive 185mm. My mechanic was really impressed with it when he fitted it for me. Only had the one ride on it but very happy with it.
  14. ctguru

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    What about the new fusion manic?

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  15. RapidRob

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    BikeYoke post rocks

    +1 for the BikeYoke Revive. I've got the 160mm on my all mountain hardtail and it's rad. One of the smoothest drops of any post I've tried (among them Specialized Command, Reverb and KS) and the Revive valve restores it to rock solid if ever you accidentally pull up on the seat and create sag. The remote rocks too.

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