Rotorua where to stay, where to eat?

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by tommy gun, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. tommy gun

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    Trip planed for early next month Yew, 4 guys and bikes.
    Auckland first night - where to stay?
    Hire van or dual cab ute?
    Any recommendations where to stay in Rotorua?
    Looking for cheap motel or air bnb?
    Breakfast Dinner Rotorua?
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  2. pink poodle

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    Hey man, heaps of info on rotorua in this sub forum:

    It's the travel info section...

    Personally I like to go from Auckland directly to Rotorua and not stay in Auckland the first night.
  3. binner

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    empty streets

    Rotorua is a ghost town man..... pack n save is your only hope...... :first:

    XYGTHO Likes Dirt

    four of us went last year, stayed in a small house, literally 2-5min ride from redwoods. Had a shed and bike tools, garden full off fresh produce. We cooked up big feeds each arvo, played cards and drank. Awesome trip. Didn't drive around to much except to Skyline and into town again 5mins for one or two pub feeds in east street.

    Shows as 30 Froude Street on google maps. Mate organised it and he now lives in wales lol. But it had a key there for us in a coded box. Deck and bbq out the back. Nice inside to.

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