Ryde/Meadowbank Skatepark!

Discussion in 'Dirt Jumping / 4x / Street' started by stinky1138, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Apparently, a proposal has been before Ryde Council for like 30 years to build a skatepark. Last night, the proposal was ACCEPTED! Breaking ground in February! So. Much. Stoke.

    As I live just outside of Ryde, I didn't hear about this until just last week. So epic props to the folks--skaters and residents alike--who made this happen. It's going to be a multi use type thing with a parkour area and bbq and all kinds of shit. Follow https://www.facebook.com/Skatepark-for-Ryde-289943201026915/ "Skatepark for Ryde" on Facebook to keep up to date with all the jazz and whatever.

    Interestingly enough, not one person spoke out against the park at the meeting last night. The NIMBYs have reached a new level of wtf tho, comparing people who use skateparks to isis. Another interesting note, frootbooters don't like being called that. Apparently it's homophobic...kay......... As a member of the biggest minority users of skateparks, I was told by a much lesser minority that they're "above it" when called that. I hadn't realised we'd time travelled to 1994, guess I'd better get back to playing with Dr Barbie then and stop bothering the boy folk.
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    Multi use..? I'll wager heavily that they don't build any dirt jumps at this thing! Otherwise good news, especially where you said you don't live in Ryde. I haven't found it to be a fun place.

    What the fuck is a frootbooter?
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    The park is flat, jumps would be hard work there. And there's no tree cover to speak of. Its half net ball courts and half soccer fields. An old tip i think someone said. Closest park to me was Monster, this will be closer and free.

    Fruitbooter? I like the double o tho. Aggressive Inline Skater i guess. That big fad of mid late 90s. Didn't know people even still did it.
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    Oh wow! That crap...I do see it pop up on you tube a little, especially in the fail vids. I assume that it is because all in line skating is fail. If ever there was a past time deserving of hare and derision, this is it.

    Jumps are never hard work where money and machines involved...remember these people are grilling to erect a concrete shape park! A few truck loads of bricks and dirt isn't going to be hard.

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