TAS S/H Jockey Wheels - SRAM X0 or Shimano


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Jockey Wheels SRAM X0
Launceston TAS
About $10

Do you have a bent old SRAM X0 derailleur in your spares kit? I'm after your second hand jockey wheels. They would need to be in good condition, I don't want the teeth worn to sharp points. If the top one is good and the bottom worn I would just buy one.

I'm willing to pay about $10 for a good pair, maybe a bit more if they are in near new condition. Plus I will pay extra for postage, which I assume would only be about $2

I would also be interested in Shimano XTR or x9 jockey wheels.


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Possibly no-one can be bothered making $10 and I'm the only tight arse around that wants to save money on jockey wheels?

Will give up and try some KCNC soon.


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I think you can get BBB rollerboys for under $20. I have them in my XT mech they seem to be OK, sealed cartridge bearings are still good after about 200km.

I have one of my old XT ones that only did about 200km, the other one I busted a tooth off it putting the bike in the car.