Saddles for lady's bums


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Sadly after much anticipation the Deva is a no go. I might try it though....
Sorry to hear that, did you try a few different angles?
I guess everyone's backside is different. You never know you might like it.

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It sounds as though she is rotating her pelvis due to either the bars being too low and/or stem too long.
Suggest a proper bike fit.
Caveat: This is an internet diagnosis, and I am not a bike fitter and don't play one in real life


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Does Specialized still do their test saddle program where you basically buy a saddle and get a test version and keep swapping styles until your happy? From memory they where red (test saddles) that’s how my wife found hers.

Have you done the cardboard sit down test to determine width? That’s the best place to start imo
Yep, did a bike fit so I'm fairly happy with the reach etc. Just a case of trying different saddles really. Just a bugger because what she's happy with on the mtb doesn't work for the roadie.