Shimano E-Thru rear axle


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Does anyone know much about the Shimano E-Thru axles ?

I've got a 135x12mm rear end with thick dropouts and looking for an axle.
the Shimano E-Thru looks good, but I can't tell how long it is.
Says its to suit 142x12mm but can't find specfic length.

Anyone know? Or got one they can measure for me ?

its one of these:


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Measured mine this morning for you. The length of the shaft, not including the QR mechanism, is 169mm. Length of shaft excluding the thread for the nut is 157mm.


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That's great info and I think it makes it 4mm to long :(

that's twice I owe you now :)


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Yes please !

Do you want me to just bring the bike to your place ?
It wont take long to see if it'll fit.