shin/knee pads?


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I have got a bike for my wife for chrissy, got some 510s and saint pedals till she hopefully builds a bit of confidence and goes to clips. I am a bit concerned the saints might open up her shin and put an end to all things bike. Any of you ladies had experience with this, do you wear shin guards and what type? It's a liv pique so cross country be mostly fire trail and easy single track.
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IME 5.10s are shit and have caused me more issues than not. The sole on the ones i have is very, very stiff. So stiff that I can't actually bend it which causes my foot to bounce around on the pedals--a lot. Flats vs clips aside...

The most comfortable knee/shin combo i've ever worn was the Fox Launch Pro.
I'm 158cm and a chubby lil fuck, I wore the S/M no issues. Wore these for a full day riding, totally forgot they were there. I regularly ride Race Face D30 knees, also no complaints so the leg/shin combo of that might be ok too altho the S knees are actually too small for me. I should've gone the M, i've got fat legs i guess ?

Do not go for the Launch Enduro, they are like 2mm thick foam. No idea why people keep pushing them as "enduro" or anything more than being able to stop slight grazing. It doesn't stop pedal bite at all.


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Hey Stinky, thanks for the reply. I started thinking I was back in high school and girls wouldn't talk to me so I double posted in parts n stuff as well (I know my bad).

I agree clips are the way to go but thought it might be a bit daunting to start and most people rave about the 510s with flats.

The fox launch pro look pretty awesome, I might look at getting her some of them when she gets a bit better. ATM just looking for something to stop the pedal back spin smashing the shin, the pins on the saints look fricken scary. I found some 661 veggie shin guards cheap so going to give them a crack