Shock Advice - Rockshox Vs Cane Creek


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Hi guys, I have an older Cane Creek DB Inline CS that I've been using and it has been a great shock (I bought it an as upgrade off an older bike). I have a new bike coming which comes with a Rockshox Super Deluxe Select + and I'm wondering if it would be worth swapping the CCDB in to test out once I've had a few rides to get a feel for the Rockshox.

Is one much better or worse than the other or would a bit of a test be worthwhile?

Cheers for any replies!


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The stroke on CCDB is 2mm longer at 57mm but my understanding is that I could have it adjusted down if needed. Happy to get it sorted if it's worthwhile. Have good experience with the CCDB but know nothing of the Rockshox shock and wondered, like for like, which one you guys would recommend.


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The Cane Creek is the better shock. It's got the better architecture and has a much broader and and finer range of adjustment.

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