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  1. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Before I rant about shoe sizing lack of standards my question is, if I have a pair of Five Ten Impacts and they fit very snugly but I just find them too stiff, will a Freefider in the same size fit nicely or should I go up a size for roomy softness?

    My favorite pair of riding shoes are my Teva cranks and sadly they don't make them anymore so I'm in the hunt for the next pair of shoes.

    I have a pair of Five Ten Impacts, Teva Cranks and Asics Tigers for sizing comparisions to work out what might be the best size to try in a Five Ten Freerider shoe.

    I check out all the size tags and knowing there are anomalys out there between brands I notice it's actully f'dup. At least component standards are a gaurenteed size when you order something, shoes and I guess clothes in general are really hit and miss.

    Teva cranks


    Asics Tigers


    Five Ten Impacts


    How can the sizing labels be so different when a so called standard has been established in a country or region?

    At least component standards, while numerous, are reliable in measurments.
  2. teK--

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    Don't forget in addition to shoe size (length) you have width and shape. If you have a weird foot shape or border on sizes then best to try before you buy even if same brand as what you're uses to as different models fit differently.
  3. agentninety3

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    Like clothes sizing, there is no standard. If there was it'd all be actual measurements like geo charts rather than a vague number which varies from brand to brand. What's worse is when sizing is inconsistent within the same brand, and even worse than that, the same model of shoe across years.
  4. hazza6542

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    A 5.10 impact fits differently to a 5.10 impact Sam Hill. First step is rip out the laces and replace that elastic shit with decent flat laces. Gotta try em on, only chance you have, and search forum threads for people posting what fits them and going by that.

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  5. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    I have a weird foot and yeah try before buy is always best but sometimes impossible as it's hard to find shops with the stock.

    Check the labels as they show actual measurements in cm, makes the sizing references even more abserd, and this has been the case before the internet so it's not a bricks and mortar protection mechanism.

    I did the forum searching and got the right size, nice and snug yet comfy, they just don't 'fit' me arch height and thick padding wise.
  6. Alo661

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    Some shoes have Boost.
  7. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Is that like Nike air pumps?
  8. agentninety3

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    It is generally only length though, and there's no doco to tell whether this means shoe length or foot length.

    Some brands are consistent though, my two pairs of riding shoes are both the same size Northwave, and all of my other running / hockey / exercise / sport shoes are Asics. I've confidence enough in both brands to order online and know which size will fit.

    My previous comment referenced two pairs of Nike Zooms which I bought consecutive year's models of the same size and one fit, and the other was too large.
  9. BT180

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    I've been stuffed with this in the past week. I'm a size 46 in my Sidi's and I'm buying some more hike-a-bike friendly Shimano ME7s. Ordered size 46 online and when I tried them on, they're VERY snug fitting. I've now ordered the next size up and will return whichever size isn't the best fit.

    Typical story, but I would have loved to have tried and bought these at the local LBS but the online price saved me $45.
  10. John U

    John U MTB Precision

    If you want to be sure they fit try them on and buy local. Good fit is more important than anything else, including cost.
  11. Flow-Rider

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    FiveTens are all over the place for sizing. I have old Impacts in a size 10, FreeRiders in a size 8 and both shoes are a perfect fit.
  12. mik_git

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    I can tell you there is no standard what so ever, between companies, o even inside companies. Lik in a Sidi or Nike cycling i'm a 45, in a northwave im a 44, or maybe even a 43.
    I have a lot, and I mean a LOT of shoes, running, balling etc, in a Nike l shoe, even thoguh I haven;t changed size in 15 years, in that time I've worn anywhere from a 9.5 to a 12, I mean thats just crazy. ASICS I have to routinely check sizes as I'll be a 10.5 for a few years, then a 10, then back to 10.5. My GF was training for a marathon, bought 2 pairs of the same shoe (just different colours), in the same size as her last 5 pairs of the same shoe (prevoius model), 2 completely different sizes
  13. fimpBIKES

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    just learnt from a work boot guy that half sizes are the same length as the number, but wider

    tried on a few boots and i cant believe no-one has ever pointed this out to me before?!?!?!?
    can anyone confirm this
  14. Daniel Hale

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    this belongs in the stupid questions or confessions thread
  15. fimpBIKES

    fimpBIKES Likes Dirt

    because its true and i didnt know or because im too trusting of sales people? :noidea:
  16. mik_git

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    Might be true for work boots but not for athletic shoes, had a conversation about it with Nike and Asics tech guys (all about size and width 2A/D/2E/4E etc)
  17. ozzybmx

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    Sizing across manufacturers is definitely out but would nearly have expected the same models to be similar.

    My sizing for regular bike shoes -

    Shimano 43
    Sidi 44
    Suplest 43
    Lake 43
    Garneau 44
    S-works 44
    Pearl Izumi 43

    I have never EVER bought a pair of shoes in a bike shop. Always online.

    Been stung a couple of times on sizing but thats the risk you take when buying clothing/shoes online.
  18. rowdyflat

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    Unfortunately manufacturers have no standards but sometimes you have to order on line because the shoes arent available in Australia.
    Last year I finally bought some winter shoes after years of cold feet and overboots.
    Bought Northwave goretex celsius but fortunately I got an idea from the reviews on chain reaction.
    So the best thing is for people to put reviews online comparing the sizes to a common brand like Shimano.
  19. Shinigami

    Shinigami Likes Dirt

    IIRC Japanese sizing should just be the length in cm, doesn't help with width, but you can see the differences in some of your site's with it
  20. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Ha, my five tens says cm 295 I assume that means 29.5cm , my foot is 28cm and fit perfect in the shoe length wise, any bigger and it would be a squeeze so the inside of the shoe is not 295. Outside length measurement is 310cm who knows what the 295 relates to!

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