shouldn't we all be at work


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chewy - man i just start my exams. 3 tomorrow, 1 on friday, 3 next week. school sucks

yeh, i just started exam block so i'm at home doing study for my exams tomorrow. math, geography and technology studies - HOORAY for school


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I'm at work right now, I work from home. :D

Although right now I'm seriously contemplating going for a ride for an hour :oops: :twisted:


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Just finished uni exams- they were on the first 2 (yesterday and Mon) days of study break.

1 more 5000w assignment (due last monday) and ive got the nxt 5 and a half weeks off!!!


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well i should be at work but on wendsdays i have the day off to go to tafe but i not going today so thats why im ear.


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on swot vac. got a bloody assignment to do b4 i can start studying. going on urban ride tonight (hooray!!!) and buying new gloves finally (probably axo nasties or descends)


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Im going to be a forum nazi and throw his thread into the Off topic discussion .. sorry fella's.

P.S im at work too haha bludging.