Single Speed Rear Wheel for a Racer

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by jakc, Dec 27, 2016.

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    I have an old Allegro Track bike and still running the original stock wheels (Alexrims R450 double-walled rim laced to flip flop hub, running on a nice White Industries ENO 16t freewheel).
    Use this as my daily commuter, but the rear wheel is definitely in need of replacement.

    Unless there is a really good deal on an entire wheelset in the January sales, I am just looking to replace the rear wheel.

    Was looking for some recommendations on some rear wheels. Would like to upgrade. Budget would be under $300.

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  3. jakc

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    Thanks for that. Just looking at some other options. My LBS has recommended Alexrims R450 laced to a Novatech hub for $150.
    They cant get Halo wheels, but I was hoping to have a few more recommendations on wheels, perhaps in the Alexrims line? Happy to bump budget up to $250 AUD.

    Should also point out that this is for the rear wheel, and I don't run a rear brake, never will on this bike, front is sufficient. That might open up some options for lighter rims typically targeted at disc brakes?
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