VIC Small Polygon collosus TX3.0 26"


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Item: Polygon collosus TX3.0
Location: Safety Beach, Vic
Item Condition: Average
Reason for selling: Not needed
Price and price conditions: $200
Extra Info:
Tracey Hannah's ex race bike, so it comes with 9 extra HP.
I bought the bike about 3 years ago for the parts, and it has hung in the garage ever since.
The story: I bought the frame off a kid in Cairns who had a linkage bolt fall out whilst riding it, and this twisted the swing arm about 2mm. I have since put a high tensile bolt (pictured) in its place, and frame is now sorted. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them on 0435240231. Aaron
Comes with Fox shock

Pictures: Yes, terrible ones


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Haha :)
He's been tearing around the neighborhood all day - came home from work to see one beetroot faced tired kid (bit warm here today).
Definitely makes all of the ad scouring and hours in the shed worthwhile!
Now for enduro season (and my tired old ass trying to keep up with him)......

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