ACT *** SOLD *** 2003 KeeWee Cromozone - Rebuilt, like new condition


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*** SOLD ***

Item: 2003 KeeWee Cromozone
Location: ACT
Item Condition: Like new (except for seat)
Reason for selling: Don't ride DH anymore
Price and price conditions: SOLD

Extra Info: This bike has been completely rebuilt 3 rides ago and hasn't been ridden for 18 months. The frame was sandblasted and powder coated by Gripsport. All bearings and bushes have been replaced with new ones, forks have been serviced and the 5th element shock has been replaced (still have old one). This is a steel frame so it won't have the fatigue cracking issues of older aluminium frames.

To ride, this bike is simply awesome thanks to 8" of front & 9.25" of rear suspension travel. It's smooth, plush (irons out bumps), stable (not thrown around much but rough terrain) and stops easily with Shimano XT brakes. On the down tube of the frame, chain side of the swingarm, and both cranks you might notice some clear plastic, this is to protect those areas from scratches etc.

- 2004 Marzocchi 888's
- Shimano XT brakes
- Aerial Industries bash plate
- DaBomb hubs
- Mavic 721 rear rim
- Single track front rim
- Husselfeller Cranks
- 5th element rear shock x 2 (1 on bike plus the old one)
- Maxxis Minion 2.5" tyres
- 2 x spare Maxxis Minion 2.5" tyres (new, never used)

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Your asking alot for what someone is prepared to pay for it.
you wont be able to sell it for the same price you fixed it up for. i had the same issue with my Norco Attomik. To you and me, the bike is worth alot more from pouring the money into it. if your expecting that price. you will be waiting a very long time. This post is a reccomendation good luck selling.

Keewee stealths ftw:)


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Thanks for the advice. It cost about $1000 to fix up so I'll try for $1500 and see how that goes.


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Price drop $1200

This is not much money for such a sweet ride and wish I could have got a bike like this, in such good condition, this cheap when I first got into DH riding. It needs nothing, just to be ridden... fast. Looks like it might end up a wall decoration in my man cave one day when I can afford a big house or I'll ride DH with my son in 8 or so years on my dinosaur DH bike with matching dinosaur armour. Might be worth alot as an antique in 20 years... :(
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