NSW SOLD 2008 Reign Size Small


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Item: Giant Reign, size SMALL
Location: Sydney-Ermington
Item Condition: Used, not bad. Usual chips in finish on chainstay underside, a few scratches I'm sure, no big dints or dings. Haven't seen the original finish in 3 years...
Reason for selling: Don't ride anything that needs a 6" bike...
Price and price conditions: $200 ono fair ?
Extra Info: Been covered in Plasti-Dip for the ~3 years I've had the bike. It's done a great job of protecting the original finish, which is the brushed brown, ano-i think. Easily peeled off. Straight steerer and 135x10 rear, fitted with a bolt up hub it is plenty stiff. Great for a smaller person to use on gravity trails where a DH bike is too heavy--I'm 5'2". Used very infrequently in the past year, I mainly ride dj/street or my hardtail now. Bike is currently built, but this is for FRAME/SHOCK only. Shock serviced a while ago, but runs smoothly and lock out works perfectly.

Link to original PYR


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Likes Dirt
Can include original Juicy 3 brake set. Hose length suits the frame, worked well when last used a couple of months ago but do have Avid Floppy Lever.

Frame currently