NSW SOLD A couple Free older items, 24" tyres, Elixir 1


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All items located Ermington/Silverwater/Olympic Park area. Pick up prefered, can negotiate meet up.
Please PM for more details, photos, etc. as I will receive an email notification straight away which makes it easier for me.

Item: Old XT Rear Der circa 2004
Location: Ermington/Silverwater/Oly Park
Item Condition: PARTS ONLY
Reason for selling:
Price and price conditions: FREE
Extra Info: This derailleur has a lot of play, I cannot endorse the using of it on a bike. Many of the parts are still good and could be used on another derailleur. The rollers have ceramic bearings, freshly greased.

Item: Deore front derailleur
Item Condition: Used, alright
Reason for selling: Don't have a front der compatible bike
Price and price conditions: FREE
Extra Info: Spring is still stiff, worked when last used. Won't suit Giant style suspension.

Item: 8sp Cassette
Item Condition: Used, not sure how much, looks rough
Reason for selling: no need
Price and price conditions: FREE
Extra Info: Probably went thru a creek or six, probably never cleaned. Teeth look decent enough. No lock ring.

Item: Cheng Shin 24" tire
Item Condition: Used, still lots of tread
Reason for selling: no use
Price and price conditions: Free
Extra Info: Looks similar to a Larsen, good for a squirt's bike. Was on the front of a jump bike when I got it, it had barely been used. I used it once.

Item: DMR Transition tires 24"
Item Condition: Used, vgc
Reason for selling: They're more park/street than me
Price and price conditions: $20 obo
Extra Info: Still loads of life left. They have the tread all down the sidewall for sick grinds n shit, it makes them pretty heavy. ~1kg each :( Very good on concrete/cement/etc. Okay for hardpacked dirt.

Item: Avid Elixir 1 White
Item Condition: Used, like new
Reason for selling: No need
Price and price conditions: $25
Extra Info: Used for a short time, prefer Shimano. Hose is uncut and very long--according to her... No bolts.
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