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Item: Assorted Rotors
Location: Cairns
Item Condition: Used
Reason for selling: Not Used
Price and price conditions:
Hope Saw Floating Rotors 160mm $40 each Plus Postage
Hayes 200mm $30 each plus postage
Hayes 160mm $20 each or 3 for $50 plus postage
Kettle Carbon rotors...$50 for the pair plus postage with kettle pads included......do they work?.....Yes and No...ok in the dry, I found them to be crap in the wet.

Extra Info:
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sram chainring

Hi, what condition is the sram chainring in? and how much do you want for it posted? to vic.



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The SRAM chainring is moderatley worn, it still works fine but you can definitely see the wear curve on the front of the teeth. $50 posted will throw the spider in if you want it.