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Item: 2013 Fox 34 Kashima Talas 150/160 Push Factory System Elite Dampening Cartrige fitted by NS Dymamics 26 Inch
Location: Cairns
Item Condition:Excellent Condition
Reason for selling:DVO Diamond
Price and price conditions:$600 plus postage
Extra Info: NSD have fitted the PUSH Factory System Elite Damper this replaces the FOX CTD Crap with High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustment.
The 26 Inch fork has 227mm of Steerer.
Originally this was a 160mm/120mm Talas fork, I have purchased a 150/120mm Talas spring which is currently installed, I still have the 160/120mm Talas spring components and will send with the fork, plus the old CTD components not used in the PUSH conversion.
Bike Parts-1.jpg
Bike Parts-2.jpg
Bike Parts-3.jpg
Bike Parts-4.jpg
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