QLD SOLD Reba SL... old


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Item: Rockshox Reba SL 100mm Dual Air
Location: Brisbane
Item Condition: Used - refer notes below
Reason for selling: Surplus
Price and price conditions: $50 ono or swaps for something. Can post at your cost if you really want.
Extra Info:
cosmetically good and was used on a commuter for some time. There is an issue with the air spring though; I think seals between +ve and -ve chambers are leaking because fork occasionally gets stuck down. I was using with the lockout on to avoid the problem. In short... we’ll overdue for a service.

Straight steerer approx 195 mm long. Old style brake mount (IS standard or something?) Non-boost obviously.

Pictures: yes


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What sort of things are you interested in swapping? That CSU would get my old set out of trouble.