SA SOLD SOLD SOLD - 8/9/10 spd Shifter, derailleur and crankset


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Item: 8/9/10 speed Shifter, derailleur and crankset
Location: Anywhere, can pay postage
Item Condition: Old, new, marked, scored, non matching but still working.
Reason for wanting: Building up a Junk Mail delivery bike.
Price and price conditions: Depends on what you have.
Extra Info: The bike takes a standard BB, Shimano currently on there but can fit a GXP.


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i have the matching micro shift 9 speed shifter brand new in box to match wkkie's derailleur if ya like


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Sorted by safreek ! Thanks.

Apologies, posted this then took a phone call from the missus, #2 son broke his collarbone at some jumps they were building.

That's both of them with busted collarbones in the space of ~3 months


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Broken collarbone =Right of passage .
After that you get a bit wiser .
I wish, they don't seem to be learning so quick... apart from no handers and other stupid shit. Fuck... if I'm hitting a jump, I'm thinking about that mofo from 20m away and both hands are definitely on the bars.