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Item: Norco Valence 60cm
Location: Adelaide
Item Condition: Excellent working order, hubs repacked four rides ago, very nice bearings. Rear tyre is about 70% worn, maybe replace in 1000km. Some tiny, tiny scratches inside chainstay, as this bike was transported with wheel off and the chain rests against it when no wheel is fitted.
Drivetrain and wheels 2000-5000km travelled (some things were swapped at 3000km)

Reason for selling: Stolen and recovered, no damage at all, but now I don't want to see it.

Price and price conditions: $600 with accessories as pictured, neg? what's it worth?
99 bikes have a new 2015 for $999, but with RS10s and STI shifters.

2012 Norco Valence A1 Road bike
This was built in May 2015 from a new 2012 frameset, Most major parts were from my Addict, a $2800 bike.
Built with love to be ridden hard. 3T, KCNC, Some Dura-ace and red alloy bits.

2012 Norco Valence A1 Road bike Frame, 60cm. Carbon fork with Alloy steerer.

Derailleurs: Shimano 105 Black, 5800 11 Speed. The rear drailleur has some drillium, a new one is $45 if you don't like it. the rest of the bike is unmodded
Also has an alligator cable adjuster, because they come in a pack of two, and I put the other on my Scott, I have the Shimano one if you'd like it. Also ultegra hollow pivot on deraliier, as I swapped a Ti one onto the scott too.
Shifters: Dura-Ace SL-BSR1 11 speed, Dura ace teflon cables.
Brake Levers: Cane Creek SCR5, Black
Brakes: Shimano BR-R561 Black, Super SLR Dual pivot
Crankset:Shimano FC - RS500 Compact. SRAM powerglide chainrings 34/48, red alloy bolts.
BB-Set: Ultegra BB-R60 6800/105 5800 Hollowtech ii English thread
Handlebar: 3T Rotundo PRO 42cm (Deep drop FTW)
H-stem: 120mm, unbranded
Seatpost:Syncros Carbon FL1.2 27.2/350mm
Seatpost Clamp: KCNC SC11, Red
Seat: Syncros RR2.0
Chain: Shimano Dura-ace 9000 11 Speed
Cassette: Shimano 105 5800, 11-28 T, Has a pimp FAR AND NEAR silver alloy lockring, save those grams! (J/K bike is over 9kg)
Wheels: Shimano RS11
Tires: Continental Grand Sport Race Fold, 700 × 23C

Accessories fitted and included:
Topeak iGlow Rocket Hand Pump
Knog Skink front light, Red colored casing
Echowell U4W wireless computer
2 x Carbon bottle cages (unbranded)
Red alloy Bottle bolts
Look Keo Max Carbon Pedals, with both grey (float) and black (no float) cleats, pedals are older than rest of bike, but still good as.

Could be a great touring/gravel bike as it has rack and guard mounts, I used it as a 2nd bike for training/rain/whatever. It can fit 28mm tyres with fenders, even bigger without fenders I'd imagine. I have a Syncros 6 degree stem that can be swapped for a more relaxed fit, spacer can also be moved under stem. I also have a Syncros compact 42cm handlebar if you don't like deep drops, I don't really want to fit it for you though, maybe if I'm bored.

I still really like this bike, but had a bad experience and hope someone else can start fresh with it


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Zero interest so far. Any advice regarding price/wrong place to sell/hard size is welcome.
When I get time I might put it on other sites, I guess

$250 for frame and fork, with headset?

I just measured the 2000km old chain, 0.75% chain tool only goes about halfway in, and it's about 1mm past the 12" mark on a ruler. About 0.5% wear I figure, that's about half way to it's replacement at 1%.
The chainrings, shifters and cables are 2000km old too. The cassette, dérailleurs, wheels and tyres are 5000km old.
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That's a hell of a bike for bugger all cash. I'd be straight onto that if the finance permitted. :/