SOLD: Swap: XT/Saint RT79 160mm centerlock rotors for similar


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Item: Shimano XT / Saint RT79 rotors, Centerlock, 160mm
Location: ACT
Item Condition: As-new.
Reason for selling: The centre "spider" rubs my Avid calipers.
Price and price conditions: SWAP for similar rotors that don't rub (IE, smaller spider.)

So I got a couple of as-new Shimano XT / Saint RT79 rotors, Centerlock, 160mm, for my new wheels with Centre-lock hubs. However, the rivet joining the outer of the disc to the inner "spider" rubs my Avid brakes' pads' pins.

I want to swap them for your as-new 160mm Centerlock rotors. I'm thinking mine would be an upgrade for your XT RT78, or SLX RT64 rotors. I'd take Avid G3 Centerlock rotors, of course. I'd even consider a swap for a pair of DT-Swiss Centerlock-to-6-Bolt adaptors and using my old rotors.

Get in now before I say "sod it" and buy some RT64's .. then you have to pay real money for some RT79's!
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