VIC Specialized Dissident Carbon Helmet (Large) SOLD


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Item: Specialized Dissident carbon full face helmet - Large

Location: Burwood, Vic

Item Condition: As new - Second Hand but in new condition.

Reason for selling: Wrong size

Price and price conditions: $200 (rock solid)

Extra Info:
My mate bought this helmet on a whim from a mechanic at a bike shop he was visiting. The mechanic had injured himself, was not riding for a while and had a new helmet, so my buddy snapped it up for cheap. It didn't end up fitting him, So I bought it, hoping it would fit and because it was a great price.
Alas, after trying on some helmets next time I was in a Specialized store, it seems I need a Medium.
I've done a couple of laps of the Kinglake DH track wearing this helmet. Other than that, its un used as far as I can tell.
Not looking to profit, my mate paid $200, I paid $200 and if you have a large sized head and want a bloody cheap high end carbon helmet, you too can own it for $200.
Price is non-negotiable as its already a F'ing steal, and I love this helmet, I wish it was just a bit smaller. I'll just keep it and pretend it fits otherwise. Comes with the padded carry bag. The bag has had a little more use than the helmet. I took it to Whistler recently with my other helmet inside. Still perfect condition though.
This one is probably pickup only, not sure how well these things post. But if someone is really keen we can probably work something out.

Pictures: Yep

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I've ordered a set of smaller pads to see if it will fit better. So for now its not for sale.