Specialized Enduro - Taco blade replacement spacer


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Thought I would post this up as this information seems to be a pain to find.

I'm toying with going 1x10 on my 29er Enduro in the new year. My Enduro is a 2013 so it originally came 2x10 so I have to remove the taco blade for the 1x10 conversion.

If you purchased the bike from a dealer, you should have got a little spacer in the goodies bag. But if you're like me and got your bike 2nd hand or didn't get the washer from the dealer, it's a freaking pain to get the little bastard.

After some running around, I have found that you can buy this washer separate from the entire taco blade kit. I've heard many people have been told you have to buy the whole kit, which is incorrect.

The part number for the washer/spacer is S165600002, and you can order it from any bike shop that is a specialized dealer.

The part itself costs $9AUD. Best bet it to wait until they are ordering some other stuff from specialized to reduce freight cost. The bike shop I am speaking with has said if they can get it sent with other stuff I won't have to pay freight, otherwise it's an extra $14 bucks.

Anyway, thought this might be helpful as I haven't seen the part number posted anywhere else.


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Also. I can also say that Berwick Cycles currently has two of these in stock if anyone is looking.

One we found in the spares bin, and another that just arrived a week late from Specialized. So if anyone it looking for one of these, contact Kristjan.