Sram Chain Compatability


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So my bike came with a PC XX1 sram chain, after having this break recently on a ride I did a quick trailside fix to finish my ride and get back to the car which meant the chain was now too short.

Anyway, I went to my local bikeshop to get a new chain and they only had PC1170 chains in stock, and the guy mentioned there was something about chain compatability but he couldn't remember exactly what. A quick internet search proved that the 1170 was listed as a roadbike chain and that only the PC XX1 or PX-X1 chain is to be used on 1x11 MTB setups.

Took the 1170 out of the packet and compared it to my old chain and they look virtually identical, so ended up putting it on. Seems to work fine and gears shift perfectly.

Sram list the XX1, X1, 1130 and 1110 in the MTB section, but the 1170 is in the road section on their site.
I would have thought an 11spd chain is an 11spd chain.
Has Sram lost the plot? or have I missed something.


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As far as I'm aware, as long is the chain is the same "speed" ie 9 speed, 10 speed, ect they all should be compatible. The difference in the different speeds is the width of the chain. The distance between the pins is the same regardless.


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I ran a Shimano 105 11sp road chain briefly on my SRAM XO1 and it was perfectly fine. Only put a SRAM chain on for the bling factor...


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I only run the cheapest Shimano or Sram 11sp chains (road or mtb) and have zero issues with gear shifting or excessive drive train wear.

The marketing juggernaut is a big one in the cycling industry....

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